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Bunk Heat - For Your Cab Comfort

Eberspaecher's AIRTRONIC D2 dramatically reduces engine idling used to provide heat to the sleeper and cab. This means decreased engine wear and fuel consumption. The AIRTRONIC D2 employs great advancements in heater technology to warm passenger compartments - efficiently, economically and quietly. 

The heater cycles though 4 heat levels to maintain the desired comfort set by the operator. The high heat mode allows for rapid cab heating while the low heat mode provides a quiet, comfortable sleeping environment. 

Its compact size allows for an easy and simple installation in the tool or luggage compartment in most sleeper cabs. This system typically runs for about 21 - 23 hours on a gallon of diesel fuel and comes with a 2 year warranty. 

It is activated by a thermostat or rheostat switch which cycles the heater through it's various heat levels called for by the operator, the switch is usually mounted in the bunk compartment. For bigger walk-in sleepers consider Eberspaecher's AIRTRONIC D4.