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Engine Preheat

Eberspaecher's engine pre-heaters can get your truck up and running without idling - reducing expensive downtime and eliminating "white smoke". These heaters raise the temperature of the engine's coolant gradually, assuring an even heating of the engine block. 

By tapping directly into the fuel and power supply of the vehicle they avoid the need for external hook ups- so they operate no matter where the vehicle is. Warm starts reduce engine stress and wear and reduce battery demand. With a preheater you will have smooth starts every time.

No more coughing and sputtering the engine when trying to start it. This means increased fuel efficiency and a cleaner environment. The Hydronic 4 & Hydronic 5 are ideal for engine sizes up to 600 cubic inches, these heaters can raise the engine temperature 100°F in one hour while consuming only a minimum of fuel.

How it works

The heater is connected to the engine's cooling system. With a minimum amp draw and a low fuel draw the heater is ignited via a glow pin, a flame is established and the glow pin shuts off. The heater maintains this flame until manually or automatically being shut off. An integrated water pump circulates the water over the heat exchanger and heats the coolant.

The hot coolant then flows through the engine block. All major components, such as the electronic control unit, water and fuel pumps and all safety sensors are all integrated within the system to minimize size and installation time.