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We are only happy when our quality is at its best

Satisfied customers are the foundation of our business. Only by reliably and continuously satisfying our customers’ high demands and expectations we will remain successful in the long term.

We rank amongst the world`s recognized technology and quality leaders. It is our goal to extend this top position in all product areas.

Therefore we focus on a comprehensive quality management system which runs right through all relevant operational workflows and procedures. It is our goal to eliminate all potential sources of error from the outset. Thus we ensure the highest standards of quality on all levels.

In order to achieve this we rely on a wealth of tried and tested methodologies and quality programs. Individual quality standards and key quality indicators apply to each individual product group.

One value is common to all production lines: the continuity in assuring the product, process and service quality. This starts right from the original idea to the pre-development phase through the entire product origination process and up to after-sales service.

By means of the internationally certified Quality Management System IATF 16949 and EN-ISO 9001, we provide high quality standards at every location worldwide.