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Air Conditioning Rooftop Unit for Buses and Coaches


The AC 136 G4 product family offers very adaptable and flexible heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions for ideal passenger comfort in city buses, intercity buses and coaches. 

Thanks to its compact dimensions and lightweight construction, the AC 136 G4 fits on any large bus roof, regardless of model configuration. Outstanding energy conservation performance is another key benefit of this product family, delivering air conditioning capacity while consuming less current.


Modular System

  • Uniform interface for all buses in different climate zones
  • Reduced installation costs

Lightest System in its Market Segment 

  • Flat-tube heat exchanger technology (MCHX)
  • Aluminum refrigeration components
  • Lightweight, robust housing dimensionally stable ABS plastic

Maximum Energy Efficiency 

  • MCHX condenser covers a wide cooling capacity range with minimal refrigerant quantities
  • Fans with optimized blade geometry enable a high air flow with low power consumption

Environmentally Friendly 

  • Lower weight for reduced fuel consumption
  • Highly efficient condensor fans produce less noise

Low Lifecycle Costs 

  • Brushless fan motors ensure long running times for condenser fans and evaporator fans
  • Block connections as per automobile standards ensure high tightness 

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