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Large Bus Rooftop Air Conditioner AC 353 G4


The AC 353 G4 is the result of the continuous refinement of the extremely successful AC 353. With many thousands of installed units, running even under the harshest climatic profiles, the AC 353 has proven its trendsetting superiority and its ability to provide the most advanced passenger comfort solutions worldwide.

Many times copied, yet never equalled, the AC 353 has become the synonym for absolute performance and reliability. The AC 353 G4 is going the next step and is setting new standards in bus air conditioning.


  • Complete capacity range from moderate to desert climates
  • Extremely compact modular design due to advanced MCHX (Micro Channel Heat Exchanger) technology
  • Faster installation reduces time in bus production
  • Reduced refrigerant charge for a greener environment
  • One standard footprint for all units
  • Reduced life cycle cost and even better serviceability
  • Ultra-low weight for lower fuel consumption and emissions

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