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EasyStart Select

The EasyStart Select the entry-level model in our digital control units range. With its streamlined, attractive look, this device enables you to set your heater to suit your needs.

“No frills”, simple and fast heater operation is indispensable, especially in non-road vehicles. And we have developed the new EasyStart Select precisely for this purpose. All air and coolant heater settings can now be made using just three buttons. Thanks to its design, the EasyStart Select can be integrated easily and inconspicuously in any working environment. High-quality workmanship and sturdy materials ensure a long service life.

Range of features ¹⁾:

  • Activate the display by pressing any button
  • Actual value display
  • Target value display (alternates with actual value during operation)
  • Immediate heating with long-press
  • Change between heating and ventilation
  • Buttons for precise target value setting in air heaters (8°C–36°C)
  • Continuous heating is the default setting for air heaters
  • 60-minute heating/ventilation time is the default setting for coolant heaters

The benefits at a glance ¹⁾:

  • Display
  • Exact temperature presetting (for air heaters)
  • Display of actual temperature

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¹⁾ The actual scope of functions depends on the respective application. Please contact your workshop for further details.