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Preheaters for Pickup Trucks, Vans and Cars

Our Coolant Heaters preheat diesel engines of pickup trucks, vans and cars. The coolant heaters can also supply advanced cab heat and supplemental heat to the vehicle's interiors.

Eberspaecher has specialized kits for the Dodge Ram pickups, Ford F series and the Silverado; these kits include a 7 day timer, special mounting bracket, all plumbing components, electrical harnesses, fuel components and an in depth installation manual. Eberspaecher is currently working on other kits and models. For the time being Eberspaecher offers a universal kit which comes with most of the compontents needed to do an install.

Eberspaecher's Coolant Heaters offer an affordable heating solution. Their compact size enables a simple installation and eliminates the need for electrical plug-ins.

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Preheat and Supplemental Heat

The Hydronic provides engine preheat as well as interior heat when your vehicle is subjected to temperatures below (40°F) 4°C. Most people would prefer to get into a nice warm vehicle with a defrosted windshield and windows before they put their key in the ignition.

This heater is perfectly suited to attain the level of comfort and safety needed during the harsh winter months. This means no more scraping your windshield or waiting for it to clear while leaving your vehicle idling. With the Hydronic engine pre heaters you can just get in and go in comfort!

Warm starts reduce engine stress and wear and also reduce battery demand. With a preheater you will have smooth starts every time. No more coughing and sputtering the engine when trying to start it. This means increased fuel efficiency and a cleaner environment.

Efficiency of Today's Engines

With modern technology, manufacturers have been able to build the most efficient engines to date including designing them so that there's no wasted heat. This means there's less heat available for the cab. That's why it makes sense to have an Eberspaecher on board to maintain cab comfort and a safe environment.

How it works!

The Hydronic is connected to the engine's cooling system. With a minimum amp draw and a low fuel draw the heater is ignited via a glow pin, a flame is established and the glow pin shuts off. The heater maintains this flame until manually or automatically being shut off. A water pump circulates the water over the heat exchanger and heats the coolant. The hot coolant then flows through the engine and vehicle's heat exchanger.

The small size of these pre-heaters enables them to fit nicely and neatly under the hood of the vehicle. All major components, such as the electronic control unit, water and fuel pumps and all safety sensors are all integrated within the Hydronic to minimize size and installation time.

The Most Important Advantages 

  • Double benefits: warming up the passenger compartment and engine and thus making starting easy, protecting the engine, saving fuel and being kind to the environment
  • Defrosted windows from the get go!
  • Installation in the engine compartment
  • Heating started by timer, radio or remote control
  • Supplemental heat - additional cab heat for-on-the road with enhanced defogging