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Coach Bus Engine Preheating

Are you looking for a competent expert who provides the right climate in your buses whatever the challenge? Then Eberspaecher is just the partner you need. We design and manufacture innovative heating and air conditioning products with intelligent solutions for total temperature control in buses. As part of the globally active Eberspaecher Group, we are always there when you need us to deliver precisely the range of services you want.

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A pre-heated bus, a clear view for the driver and passengers right from the start, warmth also at the rest stop and in traffic jams are strong arguments for the powerful water heaters from Eberspaecher.

Eberspaecher Heater Systems manufactures diesel fired heating systems to provide engine preheat and supplement passenger comfort. Eberspaecher air heaters do not provide engine heat but are quicker to recuperate heat lost during service stops.

Eberspaecher offers several heaters for buses: The HYDRONIC 10, 16, 24, 30 and 35 water heaters. In addition water pumps and accessories as well as completely prefabricated water stations according to customers' wishes, in which the heater with all periphery parts is pre-assembled ready for installation.

The Most Important Advantages

  • engine preheat - improved startability, supplements engine heating for improved comfort and defrosting capability, reliable cold weather starting
  • cab preheat - provides supplement cabin heat independently from the engine, faster heat recuperation after stops
  • no electrical plug-ins

Heating Systems - Added Comfort For Passengers

Passengers and drivers board a coach, pre-heated to the ideal temperature. The windows are free of ice and do not fog up. The pre-heated engine saves fuel, starts more easily, and is eco-friendly. In short, you too can benefit from our technology.