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Heaters for Marine Applications

Boat heaters from Eberspaecher make sure you and your crew remain cozy and comfortable below decks. You decide exactly how warm you want it – your heater will quickly and very quietly provide you with reliable heat for a wonderful sense of well-being and will dehumidify the boat.

Eberspaecher offers two different systems for you to choose from. Eberspaecher air heaters focus on providing heat for the interior, thereby creating a snug, cozy atmosphere especially quickly.

Eberspaecher water heaters generate heat in conjunction with a boiler for your tap water – this means that, for example, in the shower or in the galley hot water is available at your demand.


  • Extremely fast interior air heating by power setting
  • Increased lifespan of up to 5,000 hours thanks to the brushless motor
  • Silent night-time operation thanks to dynamic, stepless heating output control and a new, quiet metering pump
  • Low fuel and electricity consumption
  • Automatic interior temperature control with temperature pre-setting
  • Dehumidifies the interior through hot-air outlets
  • Direct heat and efficient operation: Unlike in a combination heater, the tap water is not heated along with the air, therefore ensuring very high efficiency
  • Eberspaecher air heaters can be retrofitted in your boat quickly and easily
  • Suitable for fresh-air operation


  • The engine can be preheated
  • More uniform heat distribution – just like at home
  • Individual temperature adjustment at every panel radiator
  • No blower noises from panel radiators
  • Tap water heating in conjunction with a boiler is possible
  • Flexible installation

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