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Boat Heaters

Heaters for Boats / Marine

Why Heat a Boat?

Whether you navigate by power or sail, an Eberspaecher diesel-fired heater will keep you warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather or season.

Available in a wide range of thermal outputs to closely match your on board heating needs, Eberspaecher heaters are compact, convenient, economical to run and time tested for safety - with over 30 years of successful installations.

Every Eberspaecher heater is engineered for years of reliable use, and backed by at least a full year parts and labor warranty. An international network of distributors and dealers ensures prompt, courteous service wherever you go. So set your course for boating comfort with reliable, on board heating systems from Eberspaecher.

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Why Heat Power Boats? 

Modern motor yachts offer a high level of luxury and comfort, and a warm and cozy environment will be a priority. Eberspaecher air or coolant Heater systems fit virtually any type of motor yacht. For example, an Eberspaecher coolant system installation can be integrated into your domestic hot water system and give a supply of hot water at all times.

Eberspaecher Air Heaters are normally installed in the engine area with hot air ducted to the cabins via flexible tubes. All you see are the discreet outlets in the cabins.

Diesel fuel is drawn directly from the main tank with a separate fuel metering pump; this pump is included with your kit. For boats with gasoline engines it is recommended that you consult your dealer for guidelines and installation instructions.

If you have a gasoline fired engine a diesel heater is recommended using a separate tank to hold the diesel. Fuel usage for the heater is such that only a small tank is needed.

Eberspaecher heaters can suit boats up to 95ft through multiple heat and zone heating, whilst offering the latest in power and space saving designs.

Why Heat Sailboats? 

In a sail boat, space is at a premium. The compact size of an Eberspaecher unit reflects this with the heater usually being fit in a stern / cockpit locker and the exhaust being led away to the transom.

The warm air duct system is led to the cabins behind panels and through interior lockers. All that can be seen are the outlets in berth/seating fascias. The ducts are kept as short as possible to maintain an efficient air flow.

As ducts pass through interior lockers, natural surface heat loss creates useful drying compartments. This surplus heat is also doing much for heating those hidden corners beneath the cabin floors.

Fuel is drawn from the main boat tank and actual consumption is so small it does not materially affect the capacity of fuel carried for the engine.

A battery connection is necessary to drive the initial ignition, fuel system and main air fan. However, Eberspaecher units are designed to offer a balance of economic electrical draw with optimum heat and air power performance.

The Most Important Advantages

  • fast, direct interior heating
  • fresh air or circulating air heater
  • preselectable room temperature
  • ideal for retrofitting
  • can be used as cabin ventilation without heating

Marine Consumer Notice

Eberspaecher has Certified Marine Dealers. These certified dealers are trained and have the experience for a Marine installation. They also are aware of special requirements that are applicable; such as American Boat and Yacht Council standards, United States Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard regulations.

They also stock parts for this type of installation. Only certified dealers can purchase these parts through Eberspaecher.


An improper marine installation can be dangerous, possibly life threatening.

An improper marine installation can cause injury to person(s) and/or damage to the equipment. An improper marine installation will result in poor performance, effect reliability, and cause increased maintenance.

While you may think you have found a great deal on a heater there are specialized parts required for a Marine installation. Many times buying these parts individually will exceed the cost of purchasing the proper heater kit from our certified dealers. Buy it right the first time and eliminate additional costs and frustration.