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Off-Highway Heaters

Pre-Heaters for Building Machines and Agricultural Vehicles

Our Off-Highway Equipment Heaters can provide engine preheat, cab comfort and windshield defrost. Eberspaecher’s preheaters are capable of heating engines from small, non-mobile equipment and light trucks all the way up to 2500 HP+ diesel engines.

When the engine is warmed, it allows for other service fluids like coolants, hydraulic oils, and fuels to be heated as well. Our forced air heaters can provide economical heat for operator cabs and truck sleepers all the way up to cargo and workspace heating. Ample amounts of heat allow operators and technicians to function safely and efficiently in winter environments.

We offer two basic types for building machines and agricultural vehicles: air heaters and water heaters. Both systems satisfy the highest demands on sturdiness and cost effectiveness.

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The Most Important Advantages:

  • engine preheat - improved startability, supplements engine heating for improved comfort and defrosting capability, reliable cold weather starting
  • cab preheat - provides supplement cabin heat independently from the engine, faster heat recuperation after stops.
  • no electrical plug-ins
  • 100% CARB compliant
  • low fuel and power consumption
  • reduces fuel costs, engine wear and tear, and emissions
  • quick return on investment

Delivering Heat For Any Off-Highway Requirement

Eberspaecher offers a full line of 12V and 24V heaters. This line includes portable, self-contained air heaters (15000-28000 BTU), small preheaters for light trucks and smaller on-site equipment (17000 BTU), and heat exchangers for almost any size reservoir. Control options suitable to each product are also available.