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Eberspaecher Heaters for School Buses

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E-Guardian Series of Heaters 

  • Heaters meet every demand of school boards and state pupil transportation organizations across North America. Eberspaecher Independent Heating Systems enable drivers to pre-heat their school buses offering warm starts, defrosted windows and a safe and comfortable environment for students, all without engine idling.
  • A number of different operating switches exist to meet individual demands. Eberspaecher has a number of heaters and heater configurations to heat school buses which operate in all kinds of climates.
  • They're Simple! Engine pre-heaters operate as hot water furnaces utilizing the buses own diesel fuel and batteries to produce heat.
  • Effective! The heaters water pump circulates engine coolant to transfer heat to the engine and heat exchangers.
  • Convenient! Timer control switches heater on 1-2 hours prior to engine start-up.  

Extended Service Coverage for E-Guardian Heaters

Eberspaecher Heater Systems is pleased to announce an extended service coverage for the E-Guardian family of fuel-operated heaters. E-Guardian heaters are designed specifically for school bus customers. Eberspaecher will extend the current 2-year warranty to a full 3-year/2,000 hours at no additional charge to the customer. During this time of financial crisis with many school budgets, Eberspaecher recognizes the need for school districts and bus contractors to control costs.

Eberspaecher has total confidence in the E-Guardian family of heaters and will demonstrate this by extending warranty coverage to our valued customers at no charge. The entire E-Guardian family of heaters has earned EPA validation specifically for school bus use and has also earned CARB approval, which is the industry standard to assure ultra low emissions and fuel consumption.

Bid Specifications for 42,000 BTU Coolant Heater >

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Sales Codes for IC Bus


HEATER, ENGINE COOLANT Fuel Fired, Eberspaecher, 17,000 BTU, With Exhaust Exit Out Left Side


HEATER, ENGINE COOLANT Fuel Fired, Eberspaecher, 42,000 BTU, With Exhaust Exit Out Left Side


TIMER, FUEL FIRED HEATER Digital, 7 Day, for Eberspaecher Fuel Fired Heater


Blue Bird OE order code for the Eberspaecher E-Guardian 5, 17,000 BTU auxiliary heater including the controller: 01345-11 Blue Bird dealers have access to all Eberspaecher heater models and parts using Eberspaecher order numbers for aftermarket sales and installation.