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Eberspaecher E-Guardian Heaters are EPA SmartWay Verified for School Buses

A Fuel Operated Heater, (FOH) provides heat (only) by combusting fuel drawn from the main engine or other fuel system. EPA has determined through its own test program that these devices reduce emissions on long-haul, Class 8 trucks when compared to the truck’s baseline emissions.

EPA has also determined that FOHs provide a similar idle reduction benefit when used on school buses and locomotives. In addition, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved certain FOHs for compliance with applicable California emissions standards.

The following FOH’s are EPA SmartWay verified for school.

Eberspaecher Heater Systems – E-Guardian 5 (Hydronic D5)Eberspaecher Heater Systems - E-Guardian 8 (Hydronic D8)Eberspaecher Heater Systems - E-Guardian 10 (Hydronic D10)Eberspaecher Heater Systems - E-Guardian 12 (Hydronic D12), and Airtronic D2, Airtronic D4, Airtronic D5