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Truck Heaters

Truck Cab Comfort and Engine Preheating

Eberspaecher manufactures diesel-fired heating systems to provide cab and sleeper heat in trucks, eliminating the need to idle the engine for heat. Eberspaecher also supplies independent coolant systems for quick engine pre-heating. These systems require no electrical plug-ins and are ideal for cold weather starting.

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Benefits For Your Truck Include:

  • cab preheat - a warm cab and sleeper without idling the engine
  • engine preheat - safe, reliable cold weather starting
  • no electrical plug-ins

Truck Engine Preheating

Our engine pre-heaters can get your truck up and running without idling - reducing expensive downtime and eliminating "white smoke". These heaters raise the temperature of the engine's coolant gradually, assuring an even heating of the engine block.

By tapping directly into the fuel and power supply of the vehicle they avoid the need for external hook ups- so they operate no matter where the vehicle is. Warm starts reduce engine stress and wear and reduce battery demand. With a preheater you will have smooth starts every time.

No more coughing and sputtering the engine when trying to start it. This means increased fuel efficiency and a cleaner environment. The Hydronic 4 & Hydronic 5 are ideal for engine sizes up to 600 cubic inches, these heaters can raise the engine temperature 100°F in one hour while consuming only a minimum of fuel.

Bunk Heat - For Your Cab Comfort

Our AIRTRONIC D2 heater dramatically reduces engine idling used to provide heat to the sleeper and cab. This means decreased engine wear and fuel consumption. The AIRTRONIC D2 heater employs great advancements in heater technology to warm passenger compartments - efficiently, economically and quietly.

The heater cycles though 4 heat levels to maintain the desired comfort set by the operator. The high heat mode allows for rapid cab heating while the low heat mode provides a quiet, comfortable sleeping environment.

Its compact size allows for an easy and simple installation in the tool or luggage compartment in most sleeper cabs. This system typically runs for about 21 - 23 hours on a gallon of diesel fuel and comes with a 2 year warranty.

It is activated by a thermostat or rheostat switch which cycles the heater through it's various heat levels called for by the operator, the switch is usually mounted in the bunk compartment. For bigger walk-in sleepers consider Eberspaecher's AIRTRONIC D4.

7 Day Timer

Our 7 day timer enables you to preset your engine pre-heater to come on at any time up to 7 days in advance; so, while you're busy having breakfast, your heater is busy warming your vehicle.

This timer comes equipped with a fault code retrieval device enabling you to troubleshoot any problems should they occur. A series of code numbers come up on the display which you in turn match to a corresponding chart making it simple to troubleshoot.

Having an additional switch mounted on the dash enables you to manually keep the interior temperature constant while you are stuck in traffic jams as well as giving you all-around visibility at all times.

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