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Self-learning IPCU – the new alternative solution for vehicles without EasyFan

The self-learning IPCU will be used as a new fan control unit in vehicles with automatic air conditioning systems where EasyFan cannot be installed for technical reasons. It’s also convenient for users, in that it automatically adjusts the fan setting every time the pre-heater is switched on, based on a sample learned once, which means there is no need to prepare for pre-heating by adjusting the fan setting manually after driving.

Self-learning IPCU – die neue Alternativlösung für Fahrzeuge ohne EasyFan

Advantages ¹⁾:

  • Can automatically execute a programmed behavioral pattern in vehicles
  • Covers all vehicles with automatic air conditioning systems that are technically incompatible with EasyFan
  • Automatic fan control
  • Can be programmed according to end-customer preferences
  • Configurable during installation at the push of the button
  • Simple to adjust later on by re-learning

Additional features ¹⁾:

  • Three types of fan control:
    - Voltage
    - Pulse width modulation (PWM)
    - Local interconnect network (LIN)
  • The IPCU will adopt the current fan setting during the learning procedure


¹⁾ The actual scope of functions depends on the respective application. Please contact your workshop for further details.