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EasyFix fuel tank extractor – fast, simple installation

With the new “EasyFix” fuel tank extractor, pre-heaters and additional heaters can be installed in the passenger car without the need to remove the tank fitting. This simplifies installation and saves approx. 30 to 45 minutes of installation time, depending on the level of experience.

Advantages ¹⁾:

  • Simpler fuel tank extractor installation
  • Shorter installation time without dismantling the fuel fitting
  • No need to replace the sealing ring
  • No special tools required to remove the tank fitting
  • No need to replace the screw plug
  • Improved tightness through three sealing levels (see figure)
  • Can be replaced retroactively
  • Special drill bit for outward chip removal included

Additional features ¹⁾:

  • Exclusively for plastic fuel tank systems
  • Components:
    - Riser pipe (stainless steel)
    - Fitting (stainless steel)
    - Rubber-metal part (stainless steel and elastomer)
    - M6 nut (stainless steel)
    - Washer (stainless steel)
    - Plastic core
  • Delivery in bag including assembly instructions (in progress)


¹⁾ The actual scope of functions depends on the respective application. Please contact your workshop for further details.