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EasyScan – the diagnostics and service tool für pre-heaters

We recently redesigned the diagnostic and service tool EasyScan to ensure compatibility with the newly introduced heaters and control units with CAN communication. EasyScan remains entirely downward compatible, i.e. all heaters and control units supported until now will still be supported in future. The PC software’s user front end was expanded with the new products while retaining its proven basic structure.


  • Comprehensive evaluation of current operating statuses
  • Automatic storage of custom user settings; migration even in case of update
  • Error analysis on devices and components
  • Heating application function check
  • Support for heating application commissioning
  • Integrated results log at the end of commissioning and for diagnostic processes

New features:

  • Error code display including additional system parameters for the new heaters with CAN communication
  • Special ADR configuration possible for control units
  • EasyStart Web firmware updates
  • Professional, PC based and future proof configuration of a heating system controlled by EasyStart Pro
  • EasyStart Pro parameterization (e.g. user settings such as time format, temperature unit, etc.)
  • Storage and re-use of parameter data records for EasyStart Pro
  • Parameterization of EasyStart Pro (in addition to English and German, 25 other languages are available for selection)

EasyScan segments: