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Calculator - School Bus

Saving money can be as easy as pushing a button...

By installing an Eberspaecher Heater on your bus you will reduce your idling time and save money. Fight the high cost of fuel... install an Eberspaecher.. and feel the difference! This Savings sheet is in Imperial gallons and U.S. dollars.

1. Annual Idling Fuel Cost*Example       Your Actual
      A     Number of buses1buses
      B     Number of weeks you idle 25 weeksweeks
      C     Number of days per week you idle5 daysdays
      D     Number of hours per day you idle3 hourshours
      E     Total idling hours per year(BxCxD=E)375hours/year
      F     Fuel consumption at idle (US gal/h)0.8 gal/hgal/h
      G     Fuel cost per US gallon3.90 $/gal
      H     Idling fuel cost per year (ExFxG=H)$1,170.00$/year
2. Eberspaecher Equipment Cost   
      I     HYDRONIC 5 heater cost (use your quoted price**)$1,600.00dollars
      J     HYDRONIC 5 operating cost per year
    (0.1 gal/hr x ExG = P)
Please note that the Eberspaecher equipment cost is subtracted from the idling cost in the savings calculation. The savings below already factors in your equipment cost.
3. Your savings:   
      K     2 years = A x [2x(H-J)-I]$447.50dollars
      L     3 years = A x [3x(H-J)-I]$1,471.25dollars
      M     4 years = A x [4x(H-J)-I]$2,495.00dollars
      N     5 years = A x [5x(H-J)-I]$3,518.75dollars

*Many customers tell us they save maintenance expenses as well as fuel by extending oil changes and the lifespan of components such as air compressors, alternators, belts, hoses, etc. by reducing idling.

**Dealer pricing and installation may vary slightly. Please contact your preferred Eberspaecher dealer for exact installation and product pricing.

This form is intended as a guide only. Individual results may vary. Contact your local Eberspaecher Representative for specific details for your application.